Google Buys Boston Dynamics, Google Robots Incoming?

Earlier this week it was reported that Google were going into the robotics business with former Android chief Andy Rubin leading the way. Following on that report it seems that Google really are going into the robotics business now they’ve acquired Boston Dynamics, the makers of the most terrifying robots that I’ve ever seen.

Boston Dynamics, maker of the BigDog Quadraped robot that’s able to handle ice, and snow as well as the creator of various other terrifying humanoid robots is now under ownership of search engine giant Google. Specific details of the deal is unknown but along side uncomfortably human-like robotics Boston Dynamics are the owners of a $10.8 million contract which was signed earlier this year with the US Defense Agency Research Projects Agency (DARPA), a contract which Google have announced they’ll honour.

So right now, as well as being the owner of the biggest search engine on the net and one of the most popular smartphone operating systems, they’re now also a military contractor. Though Google have admitted that they won’t become a military contractor “on its own”.

That man running at the front of Google’s robotics effords, Andy Rubin, sent out a tweet yesterday which read “future is looking awesome.” If the GIF below is anything to go by Andy, the future is looking terrifying.

Google Buys Boston Dynamics, Google Robots Incoming?


Not even ice can kill it!!!