n3rdabl3’s Holiday Gift Guide: For the sports n3rd

Doing some last minute Christmas shopping for a fitness-crazed loved one? Whether you need some simple stocking fillers or are still looking for that main piece to put under the tree the gifts on this Christmas gift guide are sure to please any sporty n3rd!

Nike+ Fuelband

n3rdabl3’s Holiday Gift Guide: For the sports n3rd

This year was touted as the wear wearable tech would burst onto the mainstream market. Smartwatches and the like still haven’t really taken off like they did when they were first unveiled and a lot of consumers seem to be questioning the point of some pieces of wearable tech, this mistake should not be made with the Nike+ Fuelband however.

The Fuelband is a brilliant little piece of kit that offers a stylish and effective way to track workout regimes and sporting activities. Once the Fuelband has been set-up and is placed on your wrist it tracks the movements of your entire body and through a smartphone or tablet breaks down your day and shows a bunch of helpful information.

Nike’s Fuelband turns activities into + points, which are awarded depending on the type of workout and level of intensity carried out during the workout. This is a decent way to challenge yourself and the fitness band itself post challenges and goals to try and push you to workout.

These aspects plus all the basics such as information on calories burnt and length of workout make the high price of £129 somewhat more reasonable.

For a slightly cheaper alternative, whilst conceding some features and functionality the Fitbit Flex should also be considered, available for £90

Phillips SHQ3200 ActionFit Headphones 
n3rdabl3’s Holiday Gift Guide: For the sports n3rd
Nobody likes working out without some music to motivate them, the problem is standard headphones have a tendency to either slip out during a round of jogging or can not stand up to adverse weather conditions, or on a slightly grosser note, sweat.
There are a huge amount of ‘sports’ headphones out there and, as is common with headphones, are prone to massive fluctuations in price. You can shell out triple figures for a high-end pair of sports headphones, or you could scrape together some change and opt for a pair for around a tenner.
The Phillips ActionsFits are a happy medium in this regard and with ear hooks, sweat-resistance and rain-proofing they tick all the boxes that a decent pair of sports headphones should. Coming from Phillips you know you can trust the build quality and that they will deliver a good sound quality and have a long lifespan.
You can pick up a pair of Phillips ActionFit headphones for under £20 at Amazon.
Garmin G6 Approach GPS
n3rdabl3’s Holiday Gift Guide: For the sports n3rd
If you’re looking for a gift for a golfer then a rangefinder is a great way to go, you should bare in mind that they don’t come cheap however. Rangefinders are great little devices that can aid a golfer by plotting their position on a hole, which can help with the always tricky decision of which club to use.
The Garmin G6 Approach is the cream of the crop when it comes to rangefinders, not only does it do all the basics, such as map out over 30,000 courses and update these courses appropriately, but it can also map out playing statistics such as putts per round, fairways hit and average distance for each club you use.
It is a great partner for any course your golfing friend will visit, and can be purchased for £219 here (I did warn you about the high pricetag on this sort of product).
Polaroid XS100 
n3rdabl3’s Holiday Gift Guide: For the sports n3rd
If you’re looking for a gift for the more extreme sports n3rd then an all action rugged camera is definitely something that would be high on their wish list this year. Filming and watching back their travels is something that would appeal to most extreme sports enthusiasts and is a great way they can share their sporting moments.
Again this is an area that can see prices fluctuate greatly, and as always you don’t want to pay over the odds, but the value products can have a short lifespan and can actually end up costing more, the Polaroid XS100 is a great compromise on these aspects and delivers high performance at a reasonable price point.
The camera is waterproof and robust enough to take knocks and falls and boasts full 1080p recording with still image capture quality of 16MP and comes with helmet and handlebar mounts in the box.
You can pick up a Polarroid XS100 FOR £109.99 here.
Club street signs
n3rdabl3’s Holiday Gift Guide: For the sports n3rd
For a football lover a nice, and somewhat different, gift idea could be a tin street sign from the ground of their beloved club. This is more on the stocking filler side of the list but it will surely prove a hit with any football fan, providing you don’t go and buy your loved one a sign of their teams rival team!
These signs come in all shapes and sizes and are available for most top flight clubs, as well as a select few from the lower leagues, and are all generally under a tenner from Amazon, not a bad price for something that will surely earn pride of place on most football fans’ walls.
There you have it, some great gifts for sporty n3rds and fitness lovers, are there any that you think I’ve missed? If so, let me know in the comments below!
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