Deal of the Day | Save 75% on GODUS on Green Man Gaming.

Green Man Gaming’s Dealford Sale continues and today I’ve chosen a game that I absolutely adore. GODUS. Created by Peter Molyneux’ new game studio, 22 Cans, this game takes everything brilliant from God-sims like Populous and world builders like Sim City and throws it into one beautifully generated game.

You play the role of a God where you can sculpt every aspect of the world that you rule over. You’re worshipped by a¬†population of Followers that settle and multiply offering you their belief. The more Followers that believe in you, the more powerful you will become.

Currently still in early Alpha this game is shaping up to be something pretty amazing. Feel free to check out my preview of the game which I wrote a few months back. You can purchase GODUS for £7.49 from Green Man Gaming here.