Kinect & You: How To Converse With Kinect.

So you’ve unwrapped your presents and it’s time to start playing with them. Some very lucky people will of received an Xbox One, congrats! It’s all set up and ready to play but what about that little camera that sits there, watching, what do you do with that. That’s easy, you talk to it. The all new Kinect for the Xbox One is better than before allowing you to do more to greatly enhance you Xbox One experience.

Xbox OneYou can command your Kinect to do a number of things, some simple, some not, some you could quite frankly do yourself but why would you when you can get something to do it for you. The Kinect is super simple to use and so helpful you’ll forget how you managed before. As I write this my Xbox One has already snapped Netflix whilst I wait for Forza!

Now, your Kinect is clever but you should also talk clearly and precisely to it so that it understands you first time. Use your telephone voice, and if you don’t have a telephone voice yet, don’t worry it’ll come in time. We all have accents that vary vastly even in the UK not to mention our friends across the pond. I myself am from Newcastle so that makes me a Geordie, now I don’t think I have a strong accent but to others I may.

I’ve made a list of some obvious, not so obvious, handy and not so handy commands that you can say to your Kinect and Xbox One. The command will be in Bold and the actions will not be. Simple.

  • “Xbox on” – This will power up your Xbox One.
  • “Xbox, turn off” – This will turn off your Xbox One.
  • “Xbox, snap (insert app name– This will snap the mentioned application onto your screen.
  • “Xbox, unsnap” – Yep, you guessed it. It unsnaps the application form your screen.
  • “Xbox, send a message” – This will send an Xbox Live message to a friend.
  • “Xbox use a code” – This will scan a QR code to download items, hold the code up to the camera and there you go.
  • “Xbox, play music” – This will play songs from the last selected playlist.
  • “Xbox, invite (insert players name– This will invite the stated friend to the game or chat.
  • “Xbox, record this” – This will record game play or a highlight on the Xbox One.
  • “Xbox, like and follow n3rdabl3 on Facebook and Twitter” – Okay, so that ones not a real command but you should do it anyway!

These are just a few of the commands you can say to your Kinect. There are a variety of others that will help you do varying things.

If you were lucky enough to get the Xbox One this Christmas then let us know in the comments below what you think of it and what you think of Kinect, a help or a hindrance?