Grand Theft Auto Online gets Festive DLC for the Holiday.

Rockstar has launched a special set of limited DLC items this holiday season giving Grand Theft Auto Online players the chance to grab new masks, clothing, and weapons – there was even a snow covered Los Santos throughout Christmas Day!

Available to purchase from now until January 5, players can head to clothing stores and purchase Santa hats, Elf jackets, and shoes, as well as creepy Santa and Snowman masks from Vespucci Movie Masks. Huzzah! There was also a festive treat for those visiting Los Santos and Blaine County on Christmas Day with everywhere completely covered in snow, yep, everywhere was covered in snow.

Rockstar have also released an update for the iFruit phone that’ll be sticking around even after the holidays. This update brings brand new features to the Snapmatic app including ‘arty’ filters, borders, Depth of Field Effect, and facial expressions. There’s even a brand new meme creator that can be accessed in the pause menu just incase you want to “meme-ify” your Snapmatics.

From now until January 5 you can also save a bomb on Grenades, Tear Gas and Sticky Bombs (get it) as they’ll all be half price. The savings spread even further too with huge discounts on luxury sedans: Super Diamond, Vapid Fugitive, Benefactor Schwartzer and Ubermacht Zion. There’s also 25% off the aptly named Tinsel Towers apartments 45 and 29.

Despite our GTA Online Christmas Special being sun-soaked and lacking Christmas themed outfits, we make the best of a bad situation, c’mon we were too busy opening presents and eating Turkey to record something on Christmas day!

Grand Theft Auto Online gets Festive DLC for the Holiday.