A Brief History of Ultimate Venom

Yes, it’s Venom to the extreme!!!! No, just kidding. Whenever you see the word of Ultimate in front of a Marvel characters name it usually means their part of a shared continuity called the Ultimate universe.

It’s the Marvel universe but different. More modern retellings of characters like Spider-man being a web designer for the Daily Bugle and not a photographer, the Avengers exist but their called the Ultimates and the Fantastic Four are teenagers who got their powers through an Earth based experiment, and a re-telling of the Spider-man black suit saga and the origin of Venom.

It all begins with the moody and depressed Peter Parker going through some old boxes of his parents stuff. Sounds familiar right? If you’re familiar with the current Spider-man films you probably get why I’m telling you about this. Peter finds an old video tape from a day when his family and the Brock’s were having a family picnic.

This video jog’s him memory about forgotten childhood friend Eddie Brock. Currently a college student studying advanced sciences, Peter meet’s up with Eddie to find him a bitter and jaded person – almost a reflection of what Peter could become.

Later on Eddie reveals he’s continuing their dad’s research into creating a cure for cancer, however Eddie’s dad wanted to use the suit for military applications and the project wasn’t fully completed. Eddie possessed two samples of suit. One was encoded to Parker DNA. Peter bonded with the suit and became the black suited Spider-man.

This made Peter a confident and out going hero boasting a couple of new powers along the way. Though things went wrong quickly and Peter had to reject the suit and destroyed it. Peter warns Eddie of the suit and it dangers and says to just basically just leave it alone. Eddie ignores his warning and uses the second sample to become the twisted and demented Venom.

The two battle and it doesn’t go in Eddie’s favour. Eddie and the suit vanish and any trace of Eddie goes with it leaving Peter to ponder if Eddie, or should I say Venom, was dead or had they somehow survived?