Driveclub Rumoured to be Released on February 28.

Driveclub was originally meant to launch alongside the PlayStation 4 as an exclusive launch title but was sadly pushed back in October to a vague “early 2014” release due to the developers requiring more time to get the game perfect. It seems that if this recent leak is correct, the vague early 2014 release date could be narrowed down to February 28 here in the UK.

According to ShopTo, Driveclub could be landing in the UK on February 28 which would also mean that it’ll launch on February 25 in North America. Fortunately for Driveclub fans out there this doesn’t seem like a simple slip up as the date is not only listed on the games page, but there’s also images on other pages which also have the date included.

Of course as with every rumour take it with a nice pinch of salt as dates change all of the time and this could just be a place holder for when an official announcement is made.

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