Deal of the Day | Save 66% on The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena on GOG

If you’ve recently been introduced to the bad-ass in 2013’s Riddick movie or have been a fan since Pitch Black, you’ll probably appreciate this Deal of the Day.

Keeping within the canon of the universe, The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Athena paints the bleak and violent existence of the futuristic fugitive in not one but two huge science fiction, first person RPG’s. To keep in line with the timeline, I’ll start with the remake of Escape from Butcher Bay.

If you know anything about Richard B. Riddick, you’ll know that he got those shiny, night-vision eyes while spending time in a maximum security prison. That prison was none other than the titular, Butcher Bay. Telling the story from a flashback point of view and using Vin Diesel’s very own voice in the role, you’re transported into the past for a journey that will explain everything that you wanted to see in the movies.

It’s a brutal adventure trying to escape and you’ll meet many well cast characters that will help and hinder your progress depending on how you interact with them. It has a Deus Ex style feel to the gameplay, offering a well written script and a choice of ways to play. You can use your night vision to sneak around in the dark, taking out guards and criminals alike, or in certain situations, you can grab a gun and get blasting.

For the asking price on GoG, this fine piece of violence would be worth the price alone… Fortunately for you, Escape from Butcher Bay is just a bonus on the disc where Assault on Dark Athena gives you the chance to take part in another huge slice of Riddick’s life.


Taking place right after the last game, Riddick and Pitch Black character, Johns, end up being captured by a mercenary ship called the Dark Athena, where again, you take the role of the bald assassin as he escapes the clutches of their leader Revas and proceeds to creep his way around the vessel, murdering from dark corners and avoiding evil security systems. Again, the game is in the same format as EFBB and offers a great deal of playtime for your money. Also to be noted, Lance Henriksen (Aliens, The Terminator) adds to the excellent voice acting of the cast,

The titles had input from Vin Diesel and director of the movies, David Twohy. Both were on hand to shape the tale and giving it the same feel as the movies. This little package is an excellent purchase for sci-fi gamers and Riddick fans alike and for only $3.74/£2.08 it’s probably the best buy you’ll get this side of the holiday sales. Head over to GoG HERE for your chance to get behind the all seeing eyes of the galaxy’s most wanted criminal.