I spi(der) with my little eye the new Amazing Spider-man 2 trailer. Andrew Garfield is back as part of Sony’s rebooted Spider-man franchise and in this outing we see Spidey coming up against his most powerful foes yet.

The Rhino, Paul Giamatti teched out a mechanised Rihno costume. Jamie Foxx as Electro. The appearance of the Osborne family and the not to subtle hint of the return of the Green Goblin.

Peter most contend with this and the ever clearer mystery around his parents death as he founds out how involved Oscorp is.

Pause at 1:15 and you will two things. One a mechnical brace looking like Dr Octopuses infamous tentacles and a set wings similar to those of the Vulture.

Hints at a Sinister Six? Or just how deep do this mystery go?

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