There’s a little under a week until the end of the year but ASUS are certainly looking forward to 2014, they’ve recently released a teaser trailer which seems to hint at the reveal of a dual boot Windows/Android tablet at CES next month.

Green or Blue? One or Two? The trailer title asks as a CG Statue of Liberty holds out a slate which changes from green to blue. ASUS has today released a new teaser which could be hinting and a dual boot Windows/Android Tablet/Laptop hybrid, more specifically a new Transformer tablet.

Microsoft have been pushing the idea of a dual boot smartphone to the likes of Samsung and HTC in a sort of, ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’ effort but the idea hasn’t really taken off – I wonder why.

Whatever the real reason behind the ASUS ad, I’m pretty excited for this years CES. Expect 4K, curvy tellies, Steam Machines, hybrid tablets, and all sorts of other weird and wonderful tech.

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