I don’t really plan what I buy comic wise, I just walk into a shop or log on my Comixology app and see what’s kicking about. So as we say goodbye to the third year of this decade I picked three comics which have stuck with me throughout 2013.

So here are my big three and how they lived up to my expectations:

The Superior Spider-man: I chose to ignore the negative web storm this caused. I think the fans that complained bitterly about the obvious publicity stunt, which won’t be permanent, over-reacted. Overall I liked this series and it lived up mostly to my expectations.

The character development of Doctor Octopus was a bit slow and contradicted constantly but it’s progressing at an okay speed. I could see Otto coming out of this a much better person. Some of the scenes are a bit tough to stomach if your a hardcore Spidey fan but you can just block it out and just love the cartoonish and energetic art work.

Nova: Nova is basically Marvel’s Green Lantern. A mix of Spider-man and Green Lantern, actually.. At least, that was the old guy. The new guy is a mix of what of all good things the new generation has.

Sam Alexander is a funny and relatable character – a less nerdy Peter Parker and just a little cooler. Sam finds out his dead beat dad is a galactic hero, or is he?

Nova is well drawn, well paced and a refreshing change to see the heroes of past times and cultural obsession, with video games and sci-fi films paying off to make the new power stick go quicker.

Justice League 3000: Superheroes and the future.. Yes! Thought the story didn’t turn out the way I expected I’m excited for issue 2. I wont spoil it because it’s quite an interesting twist.

I love superheroes in a different setting outside of the current setting of the real world. So yeah, superheroes in the future and some cheeky old school DC references. I like. Let’s just hope issue 2 delivers.

So overall I wasn’t disappointed this year. I picked right with these three, and though they were flawed and didn’t live up to my narrative expectations. They still warranted a second read, if you’re yet to pick them up, I recommend it!

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