BlackBerry Bold 9900

Oh BlackBerry, just let go already..

Despite committing to “five more years” of smartphones, BlackBerry have just cancelled two of it’s future BlackBerry 10 devices before they’ve even been announced, along with that the company have cancelled their 2014 conference, presumably where they were going to announce the handsets, as well.

BlackBerry wrote that they had “made the decision to cancel plans to launch two devices to mitigate the identified inventory risk.” according to notes in the fairly poor Earnings Report that was released on Friday. The two cancelled BlackBerry phones were codenamed Café and Kopi and were low-cost phones aimed at emerging markets.

Finally BlackBerry announced via it’s blog that they won’t be holding the BlackBerry Live event this year an instead will be hosting “smaller, targeted events” that’ll take place in various places throughout the year.

Thinks haven’t been going very well for BlackBerry recently, let’s just hope 2014 is the year that they finally pull themselves together or head towards the light.

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