Instead of doing a simple brief breakdown I’m going to focus on the big part of Jason Todd’s life – his death and return to life. So to recap; Jason was a street risen teen taken in by Batman after the first Robin Dick Grayson moved on. It was apparent Jason was an angry bitter teen and after a fairly violent encounter Batman put his current Robin on hiatus.

Jason decided to visit his old neighbourhood, through meeting an old friend his discovered something shocking – his mother was still alive. It was initially thought that both of his parents were dead with his father being taken out thanks to a brush with Two Face.

After using his detective skills and he found his mother was volunteering at refugee camp in Africa so Jason runs away to visit her. Batman swiftly follows and finds Jason with his mother but sadly the happy moment was fleeting.

It turned out Joker was taking a holiday and trying to smooth a bitter grudge with Robin. This is where Jason found out his mother was running a drug scam with the Joker. Jason’s mother then hands him over to the Joker who beats him brutally both a crowbar and then blows up a building with him and his mother in.

From here DC Comics held a phone in vote to decide if Jason lived or died in the explosion. The results? Jason died. Though in 2006 the vote result was pretty much overturned.

A crazed Superman from an alternate reality trapped in the space between universes punched the sides of prison altering reality. Thus bringing Jason back to life. Though living and breathing Jason was still beaten and battered from the Joker’s attack.

Later down the line, after living rough, Jason found his way into the keeping of Talia, the daughter of Ra’s Al Ghul. Talia was confused as to why the Batman would ditch his partner but her questions couldn’t be answered because of severe brain damage.

But when her dad Ra’s decides it’s time to end her obsession with the boy and having him shipped off she gets desperate. She throws Jason into a Lazarus pit, a special pool which keeps people young, that is also used by Ra’s himself.

The pit brings a vengeful Jason back who travels the world to become a viscious anti-hero and returns to Gotham. He may have forgiven Bruce for not saving him but aims to kill the Joker and of course free Gotham of all crime by breaking the golden rule. Killing.

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