Update: It’s official, Activision has announced The Wolf personalisation DLC along side a free Festive Personalisation Pack – read more here.

Original Story: I’m unsure if this is just a hoax or an absolutely brilliant idea.. According to a recent image spotted by reddit user beta_crater, Call of Duty: Ghosts Guard Dog killstreak reward may be getting a ‘White Wolf’ skin DLC. It sounds great, but is this personalisation going a little too far?

Reddit user beta_crater appears to work at some sort of game retailer who had accidentally put the White Wolf DLC out on the shelves though it’s apparently not supposed to be released until December 12.

According to the user the DLC is going to set you back around $3 “That’s to cover the tax they charge now on the Xbox Marketplace since converting to real money.” he said in the comments. “Just letting everyone know that the Wolf skin won’t be out until December 12th! We pulled the case off the shelf for now, but it’ll definitely be available on the 12th, at least for the 360 (and probably XB1)!”

This isn’t the first time personalisation DLC has appeared, a week or so ago we wrote that some Christmas themed camo was discovered by YouTuber Ali-A, which turns your firearm into a gaudy Christmas jumper. Whether or not this camo will also come on December 12 remains to be seen, we’ll just have to wait a day or two.

What are your thoughts on personalising your Killstreak rewards? Is this micro-transaction/personalisation going too far? What’s next, a Christmas present skin for your I.M.S or I.D.E? That’d be quite good actually..

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