For those of you who live the life of luxury and feel that the champagne iPhone 5S just isn’t fancy enough, when why not feast your dollar sign eyes on this solid gold 24-Karat iPhone worth $3,300.

Created by Gold Genie this solid gold iPhone 5S isn’t for the feint hearted or those still paying off their mortgage, this phone is probably for the person who has it all. Or if you’re feeling fairly generous, the perfect gift for a gold loving tech addict.

Available in Gold, Platinum, or Rose Gold the price can range from just under or just over the $3,300 mark. The iPhone also comes in a unique Cherry Oak Finished Box which I must admit, is really quite nice, and it also comes with a certificate of authenticity.

I think we all know that feeling when we drop our £300-£500 phones on the floor, but imagine this accidentally slipping out of your hands. It’d be enough to put you in hospital!


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