Chimps. I love chimps. I love apes and monkeys and orangutans and gorillas and I even love sentient world-taking-over damned dirty apes. But I especially love Kongs. Donkey ones.

Which is why I was pleased to see that new DK title Tropical Freeze has a release date after its previous delay issues – February twenty first for the WiiU, a console I’d consider buying for this title alone, particularly now that I hear on the Apevine (ha…) that we’re getting Cranky to go along with our Donkey, as Reggie Fils-Aime announced during VGX.

Fils-Aime demonstrated in a short demo how players can team Cranky and Donkey Kong together upon filling their meter, giving them the power to call on their friends to help them defeat their enemies. We’re also getting Diddy and Dixie for our buck, who might sound a little like monkey strippers but are in fact members of Donkey’s extended family.

Keep an eye out for our review when the title hits shelves early next year.

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