The gloomy RPG series continues in fine form with another huge helping of soul destroying death, dangerous and desolate settings and a generous serving of ‘It’s your fault you died’ gameplay.

Dark Souls II is the follow up to the 2011 original, that gained a huge following and put the rest of the gaming community firmly in the tattered armour of a lone protagonist, picking their way ever so carefully through some of the most frightening scenarios in role-play gaming.

PS3 gamers enjoyed (I say enjoyed, but I mean endured) the psychological onslaught of Demon’s Souls before that. The introduction to the series brought a new environment to the genre, adding horror and the now infamous death/reward ratio system by mercilessly sending gung-ho gamers back to a far off checkpoint and confiscating the souls collected on their journey. Kind of like the Ghouls and Ghosts of this generation, only much more atmospheric and bowel churning.

In these new screenshots from the upcoming sequel, more scenes of misty medieval lands and rusty, steel clad warriors are revealed. There’s a focus on the new Covenant system and a look at the strange yet excellent online multiplayer, which allows players to invade, assist and save budding adventurers in their own games. This is the reason for those brightly coloured avatars you see, if you didn’t know already. It’s not a glitch, honest.

Dark Souls II has a release date of March 14th 2014 for PS3 and Xbox 360 and is one of the reasons you should all be holding onto your last gen consoles like a barnacle to a whale’s backside.

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