When Valve announced their Steam Machine concept they ultimately left the design, specs, and price to third party retailers and hardware manufacturers. Sure, they’ve announced and as of today have shipped out a few prototypes but Valve themselves won’t be selling any Steam Machines any time soon. It’s companies like Digital Storm that’ll be giving us a variety of different Steam Machines similar to this one that’ll se you back $1,500.

There’s one thing I can be sure of when CES comes along next year. Steam Machines, Steam Machines everywhere. iBuyPower has already shown of a concept that they’ll be bringing to CES 2014 and now we’ve got Digital Storm who seem to be showing off the higher-end systems we can expect to find in our living rooms soon.

This bad ass looking bit of kit “takes aim at the high-end of the market”. It includes both Valves new Steam OS as well as Windows and will also contain a “full-size liquid cooling solution, up to a 700W power supply, and advanced airflow thermal management”. Digital Storm were a little thin on other details but you can be sure to expect more when CES 2014 rolls around next month.

My thoughts on Digital Storm’s Steam Machine are somewhat pessimistic. Would you really spend almost $1,500 on a machine that’s supposed to be aimed at living room gaming? Sure, it runs Windows too but in that case why not call it a high end gaming system rather than a console?

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