The king of FPS games has managed to shift a huge amount of downloads in a week for the Android release. Original Doom is the definitive edition of the game on the mobile market and it’s success has been stamped by the number of people putting it on their phones and tablets.

Revisiting the moons of Mars has never been as tiny and frustrating as trying to manage your space marine with touch screen controls, yet the appeal is still there for fans of the hell-spawn annihilating shooter once you get used to it. The lack of the theme tune is abysmal though with it’s A7X style widdling and chunky main riff… Hopefully an update will see to that. Otherwise go and check out Charlie Parra on Youtube for a fantastic rendition while you play.

If you can’t stand playing on a miniscule screen however, you can pay for Doom Classic Complete for a penny under a fiver on Steam or just go the whole hog and get Doom 3: BFG Edition, giving you access to the whole, gory series at 50% off in the Steam Holiday Sale for £9.99.

If you’re a cheap sod or just like playing on the go, you can pick this little bloodthirsty beauty up for free on your Android App Store and get pumping Pinky and friends in a blood drenched slog through huge 3D levels of small-screen pain.

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