Games deals are practically coming out of my ears right now, we’ve got both Microsoft and Sony offering us some fantastic console deals, I’m pretty sure Steam are gearing up for a Christmas sale, and how Humble Bundle has just launched the Humble Bundle: PC and Android 8 offering six games for the low, low price of a little over $4.

For the next two weeks you can grab a hold of six games – with more coming next week – for both PC and your Android smartphone, that’s right, you can play all of these games on both your PC and Android device, that’s basically twelve games for the price of a cup of coffee.

So what’s included in the bundle? Well for a pay-what-you-want price you get:

Little Inferno – Cloaked under the simple gameplay, Little Inferno is a thoughtful and clever satire on casual games. Channel your inner pyromaniac in this charming and witty sandbox puzzler. Park yourself in front of your new Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace as you burn your worldly possessions to stay warm.

Gemini Rue – Gemini Rue threads together two seemingly unrelated stories of Azriel Odin, an ex-assassin looking for his brother, and Delta Six, an inmate who had his memory wiped. This science-fiction dystopian adventure game set on the rainy planet of Barracus has a riveting plot full of mysteries, deception, and lies to unravel.

AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! for the Awesome – AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! for the Awesome is the game about the dangerous sport of base jumping for the kamikaze thrill seekers amongst us! Dive off of a building into spiraling world of modern-day Boston while trying to maneuver your way through obstacles and oh yeah remember to open your parachute before SPLAT, you’ve hit the ground!

Jack Lumber – Jack Lumber is on a mission to obliterate each and every tree in the forest to avenge the life of his beautiful and sweet granny. The magical Jack awakens his tree-cutting, time-freezing powers to slash his way through great forests. Watch out for the one-way slashing logs or maple-filled logs that challenge your slicing and time-freezing abilities! Enjoy the punny humor sprinkled throughout the game with phrases like, “I got 99 problems but a birch ain’t one” courtesy of OwlchemyLabs!

Finally if you pay over the average amount, which is currently a little over $4, that’s about £3.20 for us brits, you’ll get:

Hero Academy – Hero Academy welcomes you to a whole new two-player chess game. In this turn-based strategy game, destroying your opponent’s crystals or all their characters will award you a win, but keep an eye on your own crystals and characters too! Build your troop with a cast of fun, cartoonish characters, including a knight, archer, wizard, cleric, and the highly sought-after ninja. Play your characters right and victory could be yours.

Anomaly 2 – Anomaly 2 the sequel to Anomaly: Warzone Earth is an intense reversal of the tower defense formula, with players managing a convoy’s path through various war torn environments. Careful planning of power-ups, unit composition, and more will make or break your journey. Anomaly 2 has all the core elements of its predecessor with added features to single-player campaigns, dynamic tower-defense and tower-offense multiplayer mode!

Humble have also hinted that there’s more to come which will be added to your library if you’ve purchased over the average amount! So what are you waiting for? Quit dilly dallying! Head to the Humble Bundle page, now!

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