Probably one of the main requests that everyone has made for Facebook is a ‘Dislike’ button. The option to whack a huge ‘thumbs down’ on that annoying post that everyone seems to be sharing. Well it looks like we’re one step closer to that button becoming a reality as Facebook has just launched a sticker set which features said button.

Stickers originally launched on the messenger app earlier this year with themed packs featuring things such as Cut the Rope, Frozen, Plusheen Cats, and Despicable Me Minions. Facebook themselves have finally stepped into the Sticker market by launching their own free set of thumb/hand themed stickers one of which is the much requested ‘dislike’ thumb.

So although you won’t be able to publicly share your dislike for things, you’ll be able to give the old sore thumbs down to them privately this holiday season.


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