Earlier this year a little fighting game graced it’s presence on the Xbox 360 and PS3, now said fighting has a Ultimate Edition which includes all the DLC characters, 60 new challenges, and brand new skins, what’s more, if you purchase the game on the PS3 you’ll also get a voucher giving you the chance to get the PS4 version for a discount price.

Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition includes six brand new characters; Scorpion from Mortal Kombat, General Zod, Lobo, Zatanna, Martian Manhunter and Batgirl. Netherrealm Studios touched onto something like this back in 2008 with Mortal Kombat Vs DC Universe, but sadly it wasn’t well received by fans due to the game being rated a 15 in the UK and T for Teen in the US, which resulted with non gory fatalities. This year they have returned to the DC Universe with a stand alone game for the Justice League and many other characters from DC.

Injustice story

What I love about NetherRealm is that when they are creating a fighting game, they bother to include a fully flesh out story mode and not rely on the ending clips alone like some fighters do. So the story starts with a destroyed metropolis after the Joker detonated a nuke in the city. The Joker is being interrogated by Batman and then Superman interferers with the interrogation because Scarecrow tricked him into killing his wife and unborn child. After this catastrophe you learn that this has taken place in an alternate universe and it takes you to the location where Joker is about to detonate the device but he and the others are transported  to the other dimension where Superman is a brutal dictator.

The immediate comparison that you’ll  make is that it plays similarly to Mortal Kombat (2011), but that’s not necessarily the case, when you are in the heat of a fight you really feel the weight of each character compared to MK which was a bit floaty, it feels more realistic. It’s your standard affair of one on one fighting with just two rounds to beat your opponent, but instead setting it up into two rounds you have two life bars and this is a great feature because it keeps the flow of each fight and you are not interrupted by the announcer until the end of the fight.

Injustice gameplay

During fights you’ll notice a little power bar in the corners of the screen and what they indicate are a special move meter that can be filled to pull off a unique super move for that character such as Superman punching you into orbit to then smash you back into ground. However you can also save it for when your opponent wants to clash with you, how the clashes work is that you put down a wager of how much of the bar you want to use and , but your enemy does not know how much you have used this can create damage against your sparing partner or you can regain some health.

If you want to get to grips with all the characters more I would recommend playing the Star lab missions because it gives you various challenges for each character, it’s similar to the challenge tower from MK. These challenges can vary from performing a specific combo or fighting a character under conditions like you having a small percentage of health. The challenges will keep you busy for a while as there a lot of them and they all have unique features to keep you wanting more.


Singleplayer battles are your standard arcade style mode where you fight a select amount of characters until you hit the boss, but there are different variations, such as there is a mode called “The Impossible” where you have to beat every character in the game on one life or survival where you have to beat as many people as you can, but there is a catch and that is your health does not regenerate. It’s keeps you coming back for more because it doesn’t just stick to the mundane arcade tower climb that all fighting games have been doing for the best part of 20 years.

Multiplayer is vast and you can either go old school and invite loads of friends around and play some local play with a made up tournament or you can go online and meet the pros of the game. The online has same style of MK (except there is no 2v2 in this game) you can take part in King of The Hill which is up to 8 players, what you have to do is survive as long as you can if you are the king and if you are not the king you have to try your best to try and knock him or her off their perch. You can liaise with other players in a massive lobby by comparing stats with one and another or challenge players to a one on one or even start a KOTH tournament, the possibilities are endless and more fun with friends.


Overall if you are DC comic fan or a Mortal Kombat fan you’ll enjoy this fun fantastic game with it’s gripping and dramatic story along with some solid fighting mechanics. If you missed out on this game the first time round earlier this year now is your chance to catch up as this game comes with all previously released DLC.

This is a must buy game because it bothers to have a story with a solid fighting system the only gripe I have are super move animations they can get repetitive after a while and can lose their charm. Also the dialogue when you finish a fight during a normal battle mode can get redundant very quickly because they repeat the same line, But overall it’s a solid game and I can’t wait what NetherRealm have in store next with this franchise.

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