Tech Cruch have recently reported something very interesting to do with the now Facebook owned photo sharing app. According to an email from a source who works in marketing for an e-commerce company, a handful of emails have appeared which may hint at a Facebook-like email/messaging system being introduced to the app.

Earlier reports have suggested that Instagram are looking to introduce an instant messaging feature into the app which would allow people to private message each other along side the photo sharing aspect, perhaps even similar to the way Snapchat users communicate. Facebook, the company that now owns Instagram introduced email addresses in 2012 and according to Tech Crunch, Instagram could be doing the same thing.

Now, the way this information was acquired is a little complicated so bear with me, an email received by Tech Crunch from “a source who works in marketing for an e-commerce company” contained a list of email addresses which appeared as part of a request said source made of one of the many companies out there that compiles data from social networking sites.

Said list contained various Twitter handles, Facebook email addresses, and the email addresses. In the email the source explained that they used the data provider to grab some verified email addresses “for the followers of a certain fan club on Twitter” which according to the source gave those results.

Tech Crunch reached out to Instagram but the company refused to comment.

This leaked information doesn’t seem that far fetched, as I previously mentioned Facebook introduced email addresses as a part of it’s messaging system in 2012 and as Facebook own Instagram the use of an email address wouldn’t be that out of place.

Sadly until we hear something official from Facebook or Instagram we’ll just have to speculate. What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below!

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