Earlier this week various tech publications received a pretty odd form of invitation from Instagram inviting press to an event on December 12. Usually we just receive emails or e-vites to certain press events, sometimes there’s something through the post, but it’s never as weird as this..

Various tech publications have been invited to “share a moment” with the company at an event on December 11, immediately I thought it would be to announce the rumoured instant messaging service, but the invitation that was sent out hints at something else. The invitation was sent out via the mail on paper with some invites also containing a wooden block with an image printed on the front.

It looks like Instagram may be considering going into print as the block that has the image printed on it has the means to hang it up on the wall or stand it up as some sort of picture frame. Of course it’s still fairly unclear and could just be a fancy invitation that’s getting everyone over excited for nothing.

Still, if Instagram officially started offering image printing it’d certainly be big bucks for the company especially on the run up to Christmas..

Whether it’s instant messaging, Instagram prints, or something completely different, be sure to keep an eye on n3rdabl3 on the December 12.

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