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Jailbreak fans unite! You can now finally Jailbreak your iOS device! Yesterday, the new tool provided by the Evasi0n team launched allowing users to Jailbreak their iOS devices but before going ahead with it you may need to think twice.

The latest untethered Jailbreak from Evasi0n is compatible with all iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and iPad mini models running iOS 7.0 through 7.0.4 and takes around five minutes to complete. Brilliant for those who want to quickly Jailbreak their devices for the holidays, but whoa there Nelly. There may be a storm brewing!

Unaware of the iOS 7 Jailbreak, Cydia store creator Jay Freeman (saurik) has reported that the Cydia store that comes with the new Jailbreak isn’t actually official and therefore untested. “I thereby have no clue what will or will not work, or even what evasi0n7 includes; I hope that people bear with me as I figure this all out.” he said in a Tweet earlier this morning.

This means that the Evasi0n team will have to push out a new version of their tool as soon as the testing is complete.

As always if you’re going to attempt a Jailbreak, always backup your device first because if something goes wrong, bye bye data!

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