Ah the ASUS Padfone, the hybrid device that’s a smartphone powered tablet. The concept is an impressive idea but for some reason the Padfone hasn’t really taken off as much as other ASUS tablets have done previously. That may all change with the recent leak from @evleaks who recently posted the above image of what’s rumoured to be the ASUS Padfone Mini.

For those a little unsure about the Padfone, it’s a device that’s primarily a smartphone which can be slid into the back of a tablet which then allows you to control the phone via the tablet dock. It’s a genius idea and I wish I had one, but sadly they’ve only officially been made available in certain Asian markets.

According to the short but sweet tweet from @evleaks the ASUS Padfone Mini comes with a 4.3-inch device and may be launching in the next few weeks if the ‘2013’ part of the tweet is anything to go by.

From the looks of the image, it also looks as if the tablet dock is a 7 or 8-inch device. What’s not really impressive is that there Padfone Mini’s rumoured specs. The smaller handset which powers the tablet part of the device is set to house the Snapdragon 400 CPU, the same CPU in the Moto G which is perfectly adequate for the 4.3-inch screen, but sadly it’s also home to a display of 960×540.. hmm.

With that being said, invites have gone out for an ASUS event in Taipei on December 11 which is tomorrow, so we’ll know soon enough if the ASUS Padfone Mini will become a reality and what specs the device will hold.

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