It’s here, the karaoke game for PC users. Now you can join in with the likes of the console rabble with their flashy televised warbling games by picking up a copy of Let’s Sing! Possibly a great gift for girls this Christmas.

Before you get all, ‘This is sexist’ on me for that comment, please have a look at the track list first. Yes, it contains a selection of chart topping hits from varied bands, although by varied, I mean there’s a few older rock and soul titles in there. The majority of them are firmly shelved under the title ‘pop’, however.

Voxler Games have released a singing game on a format that most people will agree, attract a certain type of music consumer. Metal, dubstep, rap and industrial techno tend to be the choice of auditory amusement for those with a PC. Maybe it’s aimed at laptop users, but the tracks lean more towards the younger female market than anything else.

Flo Rida, Lady Gaga, Pussycat Dolls and naked demolitionist, twerking, attention-seeker Miley Cyrus are the majority of the norm on Let’s Sing! ‘Great’, shout the younger generation of a female denomination and dance fanatics… ‘Bah’, says anyone over the age of 18 who can’t stand auto-tuned voices, recycled backing tracks and manufactured music chosen by men with bad haircuts and their trousers under their armpits.

I have no doubt that this will sell to those who want to invite their friends round for sleepovers and have a session on their laptops, singing into usb microphones instead of hairbrushes in the mirror. I can’t fault Voxler Games on their choice, although I would have expected the genre to be more at home on consoles.

Among the other hit bands are Queen, The Rolling Stones and Aretha Franklin… Much more worthy artists to sing along to and so you can get the ‘oldies’ joining in for some ululating fun.

The game features voice recognition, helping you to improve your performance, the chance to duet by plugging in two mics and the ability to humiliate your friends and have them bullied on Facebook by posting them gargling like Shane McGowan to Lana Del Rey’s ‘Video Games’.

If you fancy belting out some high notes or just learning some new songs, you can purchase Let’s Sing! from Amazon, Uplay and Gamersgate or directly from the Let’s Sing site for £24.99/$29.99, now. You can also check out the trailer above.

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