LG have recently started the habit of putting the power button on the back of their handsets, the LG G2 and the LG G Flex, both have the power button situated on the back of the device. Though an interesting design and probably a lot less awkward than trying to work out whether you have the power or volume buttons late at night, this also enables a new feature that LG plan to make as standard across it’s future devices; the ability to “knock” the phone awake by tapping on the screen a few times.

Originally available on the G2, LG plan to roll out the “Knock” feature or “KnockON” as it was once known across all of the companies future devices. The Korean company also announced that their L Series II handsets will also be getting the Knock feature through a global Maintenance Release upgrade starting in January 2014, as always however it depends on your region and phone network whether you’ll get the update or not.

For some time now I’ve never really looked to LG for it’s smartphones but since grabbing the Nexus 4 and looking into getting the Nexus 5, I’m definitely swaying more towards LG as my manufacturer of choice and features like this make me want handsets like the G2 or even the rumoured G3 even more.

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