We’ve all seen the LG G Flex get put through its paces but we’re yet to hear any definitive word that LG’s bendy smartphone will be making it’s way out of Asia. Luck might be on our side however as there’s now word that LG plan on holding an event in Hong Kong which will focus on international launch plans.

According to a recent rumour from Chinese tech site 3G.cn, LG plan on holding an event in Hong Kong on Tuesday, December 3 which the company plan to announce international release plans for the LG G Flex. We’ve already heard rumours from Orange France that the device will go on sale in December but we’re yet to hear anything official from LG.

The LG G Flex has probably been the most widely talked about device with a curved display seemingly kicking Samsung’s Galaxy Round into the shadows. If these rumours are true, LG will also beat Samsung to the punch of bringing the first widely available curved device to the masses.

We’ll be listening for chatter on December 3 for any news regarding a UK release of the LG G Flex.

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