Everyone has a favourite X-Men character. It’s usually Wolverine as everyone has a soft spot for the cigar smoking Canadian and his adamantium claws, although there’s a good few who champion the guy in a dirty trenchcoat who flings kinetically charged cards on Guy Fawkes night instead of bangers… Gambit appears as your new hero of choice in Marvel Heroes.

As the list of characters expands, more fan favourites with diverse powers are brought to the power of your fingertips. What was already an expansive list is becoming a definitive Marvel roster and Gambit is just one of a legion to choose from.

Costing a hefty £14.99 for a pack with two extra costumes, a special STASH, some Fortune cards and a retcon device, the price may be too high for casual players. For those of you who play out of sheer fandom, it’s a blessing.

The trailer highlights the Cajun staff-twirlers powers in explosive fashion. Use his detonating deck to dispose of dastardly denizens, smacks some snot out of scoundrels with your staff and confuse them to death with that strange French/American accent while you whup them to next Sunday.

Go on, have a look and if you haven’t managed to have a game yet, you can download Marvel Heroes on a free-to-play basis on Steam right now.

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