The creators of bafflingly popular Lego-house sim Minecraft have celebrated reaching yet another sales milestone in a wonderful way – offering massive discounts on all of their DLC. Hey I never said the people were bad, just their terrible, terrible video game.

As of yesterday, those who choose to build their ugly Lego houses via the Xbox 360 will get half-off on every skin and texture pack which comes as a downloadable addition for the title, something I actively encourage you to invest your/your parents’ money in as it might make whatever ‘masterpiece’ you’ve painstakingly constructed less hilariously grotesque.

It should be noted however that the game, which I’ve long thought of as the Twilight franchise of the gaming world (in that it’s ridiculously popular and I have no idea why, which has left me feeling jaded and bitter) won’t be discounting their special ‘mash-up’ packs, in which the title can be supplemented with bits and pieces from other video game worlds. If this were as a result of Minecraft sucking then I of all people would be all up in that business like pineapple on terrible, terrible pizza, but I must defend developers Mojang by pointing out that it’s almost certainly a result of not having enough creative control over another company’s licenses, so I’ll let them off. Let us know what you think, as ever, down below.

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