Christmas is almost upon us and if you’re yet to buy that special someone a gift, hopefully our handfull of n3rdy gift guides will be here to help!

If you’re a little stumped as to what to get your gadget loving giftee, 2013 has been a fantastic year for gadgets and there’s a plethora of gifts available to purchase that your gadget fiend friend, family member, or offpring will love.

So let’s begin, here’s my top pick of some pretty awesome gadgets that any gadget loving n3rd will fall in love with:

Pebble Watch – Amazon

The Pebble Watch is the must have gadget for the always on, connected gadget n3rd. This smart watch syncs with their smartphones to send quick notifications, messages, and prompts completely hands-free to the watch. They can also accept and decline calls, control music, and more! Oh and It also tells the time!

The Pebble Smart Watch has been designed as a minimalist yet fashionable product that seamlessly blends into everyday life. Pebble puts critical apps and notifications on their wrists, giving them immediate access to what’s most important. They can see who is calling or get the most important emails and texts without having to pull their phone out in the middle of the meeting.

SPHERO 2.0 – [block]1[/block]

Sphero 2.0 is the anticipated sequel to the original Sphero. To put it plainly it’s a ball that can be controlled with a smartphone. What more could you want? Okay, the Sphero does a little more than that.

This new and improved remote control ball is twice as fast, three times brighter and even more durable than ever before. You can shoot the ball at around two meters per second for up to 30 meters before the connection is lost. It’s waterproof, dust proof and shock proof, it’ll even whiz across water!

It’s more than just a remote control ball however, the Sphero has over 25 apps offering a range of augmented reality challenges as well as an amazing light show from the ball itself.

Sports Almanac iPad Case – [block]2[/block]

Back to the Future fans unite! You too can feel like Biff did when he shot back in time to give himself the Grays Sports Almanac from 1950-2000. Be sure to keep on the look out for Marty McFly who may be on the look out for the book and snatch it from you.

I kid however, this isn’t the real book, it’s an iPad Case that’s limited edition and only available at Firebox. It’s compatible with iPad Mini, iPad 2 and up and will give your high-tec gadget the protection it needs.

Raspberry Pi – [block]3[/block]

Gadget n3rds, hobbyists, future coders, computer geeks alike will love this Raspberry Pi starter kit with everything needed in order to create their own computer system as well as other crazy Raspberry Pi related inventions, just like LEGO, the possibilities are endless.

This kit includes the latest Raspberry Pi board, a handful of development tools, USB Keyboard, USB Mouse, 4GB Class 6 Transcend SD Card with Operating System included, and a N150 Wi-Fi USB Nano Dongle so it’s online-ready. There’s also a handful of manuals to learn how to code!

Porkfolio – [block]4[/block]

Every gadget n3rd needs to count their pennies. What better way than in a Wi-Fi connected Piggy Bank? The Porkfolio brings the old-fashioned piggy bank into the modern age. Piggy banks are way more fun when the internet’s inside. They can set financial goals, check their balances, and more with The Porkfolio and the accompanying app.

There’s also security measures built in that detect when the bank is being moved or tampered with. Provided you’re from the US or work only in US currency, the Porkfolio is a perfect gift for the penny keeping gadget n3rd.

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