Over this past week, I’m sure many Nintendo gamers were disappointed to find network services suffering from severe issues and periods of downtime between December 25th-26th, including the limited and rickety return of the Nintendo Network service (mainly the eShop stores) as of the 27th-28th of December. According to updates from the US Nintendo twitter page, services have been fully restored and are now securely accessible to a majority of public users, though there is no update on limited access from the European services despite Nintendo of America reassuring gamers that all services are available.


In addition, the much anticipated Pokémon Bank and Poké Transporter features are still yet to get a release date for the eShop, though we imagine more info will be dropped on us when network service stability is cemented considering the apps that have already flooded in after the recent release of Pokémon X/Y.

Pulling away from this week’s conflictions we can only hope that the potholes in Nintendo’s Network services are merely hiccups compared to the potential content we can expect to indulge in over the New Year.

Have you been affected by the flaws in service this Holiday season? Let us know in the comments below!

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