If for nothing else but to inspire me to hum ‘I’ve got a Brand New Combine Harvester’ by the Wurzels, Professional Farmer 2014 has released a playable demo on Steam where you can try out some of the back breaking work of, well, a professional farmer.

Unfortunately, there’s no chance of playing the farmhand and seducing the farmer’s daughter in the barn, nor is there any hope of making moonshine in the shed behind the sheep pen. This is as serious as it gets when it comes to agricultural simulation and you will have to work your backside off. Seasons that force you to think about when to sow and when to harvest, operating complicated machines and buying and selling at market all combine into a game that has you planted firmly in the rubber wellies of a full-time farmer.

The demo allows you to have a go on some of the vehicles associated with the role, combine harvesters and tractors galore. It also lets you take part in a spot of animal husbandry. For those who think that means marrying your horse, you’re on the wrong site matey.

Driving tractors is less realistic however, as I’ve not been able to hold up traffic for hours nor caused a crash on the country roads, which is a shame really, as this is a supposedly true to life simulation.

Whatever your gaming needs, it’s probably worthwhile to try out some new genres and with Professional Farmer 2014, it’s definitely in a class of it’s own.

You can download the demo over on Steam and the full game is available for purchase too for only £14.99. Ooh-Arr indeed!

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