The Raven – Legacy of a Master Thief

All three chapters of Nordic Games’ The Raven – Legacy of a Master Thief have been available on Steam for some time now, but for those without a PC that love point-and-click adventure games you’ll be pleased to know that it’s now available on Xbox Live!

Right now you can purchase all three chapters of The Raven, ‘The Eye of the Sphinx’, ‘Ancestry of Lies’, and ‘A Murder of Ravens’ either together or individually as Nordic Games has simultaneously released all three on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Test your investigative skills as you take the role of the rather plump but clever Constable Anton Jacob Zellner who during a journey on L’Orient Express gets tangled in the mystery of The Raven, a legendary thief who seems to have risen from the dead.

“We’ve put everything into the console version to deliver the same experience on different peripheral devices,” says Martin Kreuch, Producer at Nordic Games. “Working with the Unity Engine opens a lot of opportunities in this regard, but like almost every engine, also creates certain challenges. Together with the KING Art team, however, we managed to overcome them.”

“It was a unique challenge to translate the classic controls of an Adventure game to something that work well on consoles,” says Arne von Öhsen, Programmer at KING Art. “We think we managed exactly that and eagerly await the feedback from the console community.”

You can download the all three chapters priced at £7.99 each by clicking the links below.

Episode 1Episode 2Episode 3.

Those of you with a PlayStation 3 will unfortunately have to wait until early 2014 to put your thinking caps on!

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