Yesterday we wrote that those who have been gifted a large sum of money or have claimed a bounty of a particular high sum of money won’t get banned and their online accounts will be safe. Since then Rockstar have officially spoken out about the exploits explaining that they’re working on a fix and those affected by random donations won’t be punished.

In amongst the comments of the first “Rockstar Verefied GTA Online Jobs” Rockstar posted more information on the current wave of exploits that some players are using in order to get infinite amounts of cash which they are then throwing at other players or placing high bounties in order to get rid of the cash. The developers have said that they’re currently working on a fix to prevent this from happening in the future and if you’ve been donated a large sum of cash your account will not get banned.

If you are worried, they recommend contacting customer support in order to get the money removed or to just hang tight until they release the fix and remove the illegitimate deposits. If you’re not involved in the exploits your character and online account will be safe.

They do stress that if you see or hear anyone taking advantage of exploits in your Online session to let Rockstar know by using the Pause menu to report the player.

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