Do you enjoy causing major bloodshed? Can you keep up with slaughtering an endless horde of demons, hellbent on ripping your Wang out of existence? Maybe I should have worded that a bit better…

Wang is back in a free update to Flying Wild Hog’s Shadow Warrior, offering a full blown survival mode where you’ll be pitted against the minions of hell as they charge at you in droves, contemplating nasty scenarios for your body parts while they snarl and roar.

Utilising sword, gun and special powers, you’ll have to stay alive in a bloodbath of flying limbs as you hold back an army of enemies, quipping penis related gags and spitting out one liners like a professional 80’s action star. Not only that, there’s three new arenas for you to unleash your fury in.

If that’s not enough for you, then how about an extra dealer of death to decapitate dreadful demons with? A crossover partnership with Interceptor Entertainment and Apogee Software has brought you a gift from Rise of the Triad in the Excalibat.

Not content with hacking heads off? Bored with burying bullets in burdensome beasts? Then why not batter up and swing the world’s most powerful baseball bat at your ugly foes, possibly not used by King Arthur as he would have been more likely to play cricket, being an Englishman.

Devolver Digital offer this for the cost of absolutely nothing and you can play it today! If you don’t own Shadow Warrior already, you can purchase it from Steam, GOG and the Humble Store.

Update: If you fancy grabbing Shadow Warrior for the cut price of £7.49, rush over to Steam, as it’s also Today’s Deal until 6pm GMT tomorrow.


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