PlayStation 4

You’ve got to hand it to Sony, they’re really onto a winner with the PlayStation 4, though that may be because of the lower price point compared to the Xbox One, or maybe because it truly is a better system?

According to Chart-Track the PlayStation 4 has become the fastest selling console of all time surpassing the 8 year standing record which was previously held by Sony’s PSP which sold 185,000 units when it came out in 2005.

The PlayStation 4 has also surpassed that of the Xbox One which sold around 150,000 units in the first 48 hours and the consoles predecessor the PlayStation 3 which sold around 165,000 units in a similar amount of time.

MCV has recently also revealed from it’s retail sources that the number of PlayStation 4 console sold in the past 48 hours are around the 250k mark which the report estimates that UK PS4 sales have reached “approximately £87m during this period.”

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