There’s some more chops to pricey Steam games in today’s Autumn sale with a nice variation on genres cropping up. Have a look at some of the delicious deals that you can save a few bob on.

From third-person adventuring, conquering new lands, artistic gameplay and driving around an oval track in a car gaudier than a drag queen’s wardrobe, there’s something for everyone.

tombTomb Raider – Join everyone’s favourite buxom adventurer in a reboot of the famous series. Set on an island in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle, learn how Lara progresses from a young, glory hunting student to a relic collecting, acrobatic, rare wild animal murderer that the WWF would love to get a hold of. A spectacular and dark game with everything to match. It looks good, plays great and offers a treasure chest of content to get your teeth into, as well as some pirates when they get a bit touchy feely. A worthy purchase at just £8.99.


Age of Empires II HD Edition – Age of Empires games have a long history of great RTS gaming and with the release of the HD edition, you can do it all again. Build your civilisation, start an army and swamp your enemy with a horde of azure face-painted warriors while exposing your bum and screaming blue murder… At least that’s what I did being a Scot. It still stands up to today’s empire building games in the fun department, although the narrator’s accents are bloody horrendous… I guess it fits with the mindless massacre of the gameplay. If you find yourself hankering for something a bit more cerebral than shooting at pixels, you can pick up this little beauty for £3.74.


Dragon Age Origins – Flash Sale – One of the best action RPG’s to be released in the past ten years. Create a character from some differing backgrounds and races, begin your quest with the titular origin story and delve into the bloody world of the life of a Grey Warden, Ferelden’s answer to Jedi Knights. The plot is twisting, your choices matter and the characters you befriend are possibly the best acted cast in a game ever. Salted with dramatic story telling, peppered with an open world with many routes to choose and spiced with some of the most sarcastic humour this side of a Bill Murray movie, Dragon Age is an epic experience that will suck your time away like you were lost in the Fade. At a heroic £4.99, this is a prime purchase.

Best of the rest:

  • Scribblenauts Unlimited – £7.49
  • Brutal Legend – £1.49
  • Guncraft – £2.99
  • The Stanley Parable £5.99

Check back tomorrow for the final day of the Steam Autumn Sale and see if they can top the week’s previous picks.

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