Christmas Eve is almost over here in the UK and Santa is well on his way to delivering presents to all of the boys and girls here in Blighty. If you’ve been naughty this year and are expecting a lump of coal in your stocking then you’ll be pleased to know that today’s Steam Sale is a corker containing three of my favourite games!

state of decayState of Decay – Come on, if you haven’t yet picked up State of Decay I would whole heartedly recommend it. There’s nothing more apt to play on Christmas Eve/Day than a game where the world is ravaged by zombies and you and a band of other survivors are constantly looking for supplies.

Perma-death is also present in State of Decay which means if you make a silly mistake, it’s game over, so be sure to watch your back otherwise that character you’ve been levelling up for the past four hours will be gone – forever!

surgeonsimSurgeon Simulator 2013 – A must have addition to your Steam library is Bossa Studios Surgeon Simulator 2013, the only time you’ll be able to practice open heart surgery without a medical licence/getting arrested! Featuring various different operations such as: brain surgery, double kidney transplant, brain transplant, some of these clumsy operations take place in an operating theatre while others are done in the back of an ambulance. Let’s not forget the secret codes throughout the game that allow you to unlock the ability to preform unique operations on aliens.

rocksmithRocksmith 2014 Edition – Become a rockstar in 60 days! (providing you have the Real Tone cable). Ubisofts guitar mashing game will have you strumming along with the likes of: Iron Maiden, Green Day, Radiohead and more in no time at all. Featuring easy to learn on screen prompts similair to Guitar Hero and Rockband  Rocksmith will turn even the most turn deaf people into musicians.

Each week Ubisoft are releasing more and more song DLC so your record collection will never get boring as you make your way up the ranks to official rockstar status.

finally, we’ve got the flash sales that feature some really incredible titles, you can grab the following games at a super cheap price for the next 4 hours (at time of writing).

  • Dishonored – £3.74
  • Total War Rome II – £14.99
  • Rise Of Venice – £7.49
  • Rise Of The Triad – £2.39

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