By today, you’re probably all stuffed to the brim with Turkey, sick of the sight of family members and want to crawl off to your gaming cave to play some of the great games you’ve not had a chance to play due to the festivities. Before you go and murder some soldiers/aliens/zombies, have a glimpse at Steam for some post-Boxing Day treats.

There’s some nice flashy titles up for grabs today, but I won’t be highlighting them as they’re not much of a reduction on the previous price. You can see for yourself and decide whether AC IV: Black Flag is worth the £29.99 when you can pick up roughly six or seven games from the list easily for the same amount of money.

LegoLEGO The Lord of the Rings

It may be that this is the top pick for me as I’m a huge fan of anything LEGO related. It may be that it’s focused on one of my favourite book/movie material. It may be that it’s only a measly £4.99… LEGO LotR is just over a year old, yet it still stands out as one of the best brick based games in the series. It mixes the source content with RPG elements such as side missions and crafting, creating an adventure of epic proportions.

Bonus gameplay can be had by hooking up a second controller to your PC and inviting a family member, friend or random vagrant into your home for some block smashing co-operative local gameplay. Yes, you’ll shout at them for messing up your ‘true adventurer’ stud collection and for repeatedly falling from an oh so easy to cross bridge, but it’ll still be more fun than listening to gran tell her cracker jokes with her teeth out. Grab it now!

PrisonPrison Architect

Are you sick of seeing stories in the tabloids, showing criminals playing PS3, sending selfies to facebook accounts from mobile phones and generally being allowed to have more fun and freedom than people living in care homes? If so, get yourself a copy of Prison Architect and teach those despicable miscreants some manners by making them serve hard time in a facility of your devising.

Build a prison, send in the inmates and manage your staff to keep them under control. Avoid riots by keeping the prisoners happy or to be more precise, in fear of a good kicking on a stairwell from the guards. Okay, maybe not so much of that but… For £9.99, you can be the guv’nor of your very own detainment facility and make sure there’s no dropping of soap in the showers.


Hitman: Absolution

Okay, so it will never be as good as Blood Money and it doesn’t have the same freedom as Silent Assassin, but Hitman: Absolution is still a great game for those with a penchant of pulling on a bald contract killer’s skin and offing some heinous bad guys for cash. Agent 47’s journey in Absolution is a bit more personal this time though.

Betrayed and left in the cold, 47 is left to fend for himself with only a pistol, his wits and a very dapper suit on his back. Luckily, 47 can make a weapon out of anything and this leads to some inventive and sometimes hilarious hits in a great slice of third person gameplay.

You can’t really sniff at a AAA title that costs £3.99 and if you do, you better have a damn bad cold.

Flash Sale Titles (At time of writing)

  • The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind GOTY Edition – £3.24
  • Farcry 3: Blood Dragon – £4.07
  • Skull Girls – £5.99
  • Fallen Enchantress – Legendary Heroes – £7.49

Come back to n3rdabl3 tomorrow to see what games Steam have decided to garrotte. The sale changes every day at 6pm GMT and Flash Sale titles change every 8 hours.

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