We’re back again for another installment of highlights of Steam’s money sapping Holiday Sale. Still not down to your last pennies yet? Good! Then you’ll be wanting a look at some of the best offerings to bloat your already bulging hard drives with.

Today, the sale focuses on a good few RPG games with a mixture of extra titles that will satisfy your keyboard tapping needs while you tuck into turkey and let the wind gang free after banqueting on a boatload of Brussel sprouts. Here are today’s picks from a feast of festive games:

FeaturedCrusader Kings II

Have you ever wished a family member dead? Wanted to marry your annoying sister off to a fat bloke from Belgium to get rid of her? Thoughts of invading a small country and making them go to church because they’re a bunch of heathens? Then you need psychological help my friend! Or… you could just grab a cheap copy of the wonderful Crusader Kings II.

This strategy game offers a steep learning curve with the offering of such deep gameplay that even miners have difficulty breathing while playing. You take on the role of a minor or major landowner, from earls and dukes to princes and kings, then plan and plot your way to fame, trying to get your wife pregnant so you can continue your game through the bloodline or possibly just dying from an annoying disease before your time. Start wars, assassinate your enemies and sell your porky daughter off to a world leader so you can have his army join you as an ally against those invading French bar stewards.

You can pick this evil yet amazing little game for a mere £7.49, quite a shade off of the £29.99 regular price.

The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion GOTY Edition358448

Following on from Morrowind, Oblivion took you into the realms of Tamriel. A place where evil roams and the chance to become a hero looks close enough to grab with your mail clad hands. Gates are appearing all over the countryside and a plot to murder the king begins a quest that will bring horror and hell itself to the land.

In this huge slice of first-person RPG excellence, you can experience the greatness that led up to the release of the smash hit, Skyrim. Multiple paths and hundreds of hours of quests, conversation with locals and far too much time spent jumping on the spot to upgrade your acrobatics skill. Oblivion, along with it’s expansion packs, will suck the time right out of the real world and leave you forgetting about the woes of life.

For an idiotic £3.74, that’s almost a penny for every hour I spent playing this massive, addictive piece of swords and sorcery gaming.

rogue-legacyRogue Legacy

If you always wanted your children to follow in your footsteps and were disappointed, Rogue Legacy gives you the chance to put things right by handing your armour down the family line as well as your traits. This rogue-like metroidvania game starts you off as a knight, venturing into a wicked castle of ever changing traps and enemies and when you die, your legacy continues with your bloodline trying to conquer it too.

As you unlock the mysteries of the castle, your children, grandchildren and great, great, great, great… Well, you get the picture, will keep any upgrades you buy, making the trip into the huge keep a little easier each time. Not that it’s ever too easy as along with special abilities, your family also pick up traits that can hinder your progress, such as dwarfism, making you more vulnerable, colour blindness, giving the game a black and white hue and baldness… Ummm, stunting your ability to dazzle enemies with a L’oreal shine?

It’s an enthralling adventure of platforms and puzzles, and for £3.95, a worthy purchase that will make you want to keep coming back for more punishment.

Flash Sales (At time of writing)

  • La-Mulana
  • Ducktales Remastered
  • The Testament of Sherlock Holmes
  • Surgeon Simulator 2013

Check back tomorrow for another stocking full of treats for the discerning discount gamer. Main sale items change at 6pm GMT and Flash sales change every eight hours.

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