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Valve have announced that Friday, December 13 will be the day that all three hundred Steam Machine and Steam Controller prototypes will be shipped to the lucky few that were selected to test the hardware. At the same time Valve will be making the Steam OS available to download too for you to install onto any System and turn it into a self-made Steam Machine.

If you’re looking at your inbox wondering why Valve didn’t pick you and you don’t live in the US you’ll be sad to hear that Valve had to make the hard decision to limit the beta to only the US because of “regulatory hurdles” says the company. The beta was initially set to include players from around the globe but because of these hurdles the only real alternative was to delay the beta so long that the much needed feedback wouldn’t be included in the 2014 products that are getting lined up for reveal at CES 2014.

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Valve have confirmed that the regional restrictions are only for the Beta prototypes so rest assured, as soon as Steam Machines begin to pop up everywhere you’ll be able to grab your own pretty easily.

If you’re totally gutted that living outside of the US has prevented you from getting a Steam Machine prototype don’t worry, Valve will also be launching the Steam OS on Friday 13 which you can load onto any machine and begin playing Linux games as if you have your very own Steam Machine.


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