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Terminal Reality, do you know them? They’ve been around for almost twenty years and developed some much loved games including the Bloodrayne along with it’s sequel as well as fan favourite Ghostbusters’s: The Video Game. However recently they’ve hit upon hard times with their latest two releases – Kinect Star Wars and Walking Dead: Survival Instinct – both reviewing poorly,  paired with luke-warm sales figures for each. Following on from this, as happens to so many developers, Terminal Reality may be going terminal.

This came to light thanks to Gamasutra who spotted that one Jesse Rosa, a member of Terminal Reality for over 10 years, posted on his facebook page about the closure of the company. What he has written is definately worth looking over if you’re interested so you can see how a studio closure looks from the outside in. We may have mocked their most recent titles as consumers but when you take a moment to look at what happens to creators when their work is pushed into a certain direction through a license only for it to fail due to license constraints perhaps or other factors it’s a sad time. For one we here at n3rdabl3 wish the former employees of Terminal Reality the best for the future and finding new jobs to settle into, especially when losing jobs just before the holiday season.

One of Terminal Reality’s best properties, Bloodrayne

This isn’t all confirmed by Terminal Reality however, its one employee on their Facebook page, but it’s unlikely to be falsified by them so we can take it as a 99.99% chance that Terminal Reality are officially gone. Their website redirects to the company group on Facebook which has not been touched since October. After giving us Bloodrayne this writer for one is fairly sad to see the company go. It wasn’t perfect but it was fun and certainly much better than some multi-million dollar properties that exist today.

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