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With Garrett crouching in a dark corner, waiting for the perfect time to tiptoe onto your gaming machines, namely February, the news seems to be few and far between.

At VGX 2013, it was announced that Thief will get a small screen companion app, allowing you to track leaderboards and player stats. That’s good news for budding burglars that like to see how well they’ve done on missions, but misplaced nonetheless.

Apps are great for multiplayer games and for wiki-style information on complicated games, though it seems a little out of place for a single player campaign where not many people will be interested if you managed to smuggle some extra goodies out of a fat merchant’s pocket.

Saying that, it offers the bonus of bios, artwork, trailers and a background on the setting and characters in Thief. Seeing as it creeps onto mobile phones ahead of the full game release, you can study up before you hit the plague-ridden streets of The City and get to know some of the dodgy dealers and potential mugging victims that will cross your path.

You’ll be able to pick up this little gem (checking the alarm systems first), for the price of not a penny when the app hits stores, but only the lite version.

Thief will be released to the grotty public on February 25th 2014 in the US and February 28th for the UK.


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