As Bitcoin becomes more and more widely accepted those looking for a new type of cryptocurrency may be interested in Dogecoin, a brand new virtual currency that’s based on everyones favourite, or most hated meme, Doge.

First created by Jackson Palmer and @BillyM2K as a joke, it looks like the Bitcoin-like peer-to-peer cryptocurrency is actually beginning to actually accumulate some value.

Right now Dogecoin is worth $0.00023 which is nothing compared to Bitcoins current value of around $730 but it’s the perfect time to waste time trying to get some Dogecoin just in case this virtual currency takes off. Just don’t throw away the hard drive that contains a shed load of them..

If you do take the time to mine some Dogecoin you can join the Dogemarket community on reddit where users are actively trading Dogecoin for real-world items there’s also a forum thread which you can find in the source link below filled with tips, tutorials, and other thoughts about the virtual currency.

Much currency. so crypto. wow.

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