Spidey 2

Here’s two theories about The Amazing Spider-man 2.

Things I think that could happen based on the nature of the rebooted franchise and it’s more inclusive feel and the idea on focusing on neglected parts of the Spider-man story.

1. The mysterious dude from the end of the first one is Peter’s dad- think about it.

This franchise seems to have the focus on his parents and not the typical focus on Uncle Ben, which could explain why the figure in his own demented way wants to help Peter. Also we never saw the actual death of Richard Parker and the little evidence that he died isn’t available.

Perhaps he experimented on himself and he’s somehow deformed…

The character could easily be a hybrid of another Spider-man villain like the Jackal (the crazy scientist who cloned Spider-man) or proto Doctor Octopus, or, at a stretch, considering how Sony want to condense the entire Spider-man mythos it could and I stress could be Uncle Ben and this some prelude to the genetic experimentation Richard was supposed to be involved with.

2. The six doors.

You may need to check the trailer for this one. If you have checked or if you’ve got a really good memory you’ll the six doors opened.

I know that the studio have announced the Sinister Six are getting their own feature films and it’s more then logical it has something to do with them. Buuut and some credit goes to a friend here – there are more then six symboites (the alien race the black suit is a part of) kicking around. In the Ultimate comics Richard Parker and Eddie Brocks (Eddie being the first Venom) dad did create the black suit to try and cure cancer.

Maybe it took six goes to do it?


Since the stories are taking inspiration from those bits and bobs Spider-man fans aren’t to keen they could be six clones of Peter.
One could be Ben Reily, the perfect clone of Peter, Jessica Drew; the female duplicate of Peter (kinda strange to but interesting to see on screen) and the others could be demented spider hybrids of Peter.

It ties in with theory one being a hybrid of the Jackal and does lead to an interesting angle for the story.

Is Peter the real Peter or a clone?

Got a theory? Let me know!

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