Since the Twitter owned Vine app launched on iOS in January and then Android a little later (followed recently by Windows Phone) your chances of seeing people’s ‘Vines’ were either through the mobile app, or if that person decided to share their ‘Vines’ through Twitter or Facebook. That’s all about to change now Vine have announced their plan to introduce web profiles for it’s millions of users with Twitter Verified users getting first dibs.

Much like Instagrams web profiles I’m sure the Vine version will be just the same. No uploading capabilities, just the ability to view your Vine history as well as others users Vine profiles. Though if Vine introduced the ability to upload Vine clips, that’d certainly be a step in the right direction..

So if you’re looking to reserve your custom URL or Vanity URL as they’re calling it, head on over to the Vine page now to do just that!

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