Telltale Games are a developer that managed to do what most AAA producing companies have lost sight of in the past generation of gaming… Bringing characters to life, telling an involving story, offering great gameplay and ripping your heart out emotionally (sometimes literally too) with one of the most amazing tales ever told in video game history. The Walking Dead returns for a second season to PC and consoles just in time for the holidays.

If you’ve played the award winning season one and 400 Days already, you’ll be stocking up on the survival gear and cutting the kids Christmas money by a couple of quid shy of £20 without guilt. If you’ve not picked up a copy yet, I suggest you stop saving for your next-gen games and invest in the gut-wrenching, introductory season to be ready in time for the release of season two. It’s so good, it should have a warning label stating: This game may make grown men cry!

Episode One will be ready to go on the 17th of December so you can find out what happens next on Clementine’s journey since… Well, it would be unfair to spoil the story, eh?

For those of you who would like a hint at what’s to come, click on the play arrow above to view the new trailer that sets the mood for the upcoming thriller.

The Walking Dead: Season Two – All That Remains will be available for purchase on Steam, PS3 and Xbox 360 stores next week. Steam are also offering 10% off if you pre-order.



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