After a three hour session on Pokémon or A Link Between Worlds you’ll probably want to relax, unwind and watch some cats do some stupid things. Usually that’d require putting your 3DS down and picking up your phone, tablet, or even laptop and we all know how much effort that can be, but don’t fret, the YouTube app is now available on the 3DS!

Available for free from the Nintendo eShop you can download the YouTube App which is around 120 blocks which really isn’t that much. The app itself is designed like the mobile browser version of YouTube with the top screen displaying the video. You can also control playback by using A and B or the shoulder bumpers.

In terms of quality, it isn’t great. What’s worse is that Nintendo seem to have completely forgotten about the 3D capabilities of the 3DS rendering the vast library of 3D videos YouTube has to offer in glorious.. 2D.

At least it’s something right?

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